If you wish to save any of these images to your own computer simply follow these 5 easy steps:
1) Click on the thumbnail to open the new image window.

2) Wait until the image loads, then RIGHT click on the image.

3) LEFT click on "SAVE IMAGE AS" or "SAVE PICTURE AS" (depending on your browser).

4) A "WINDOWS" box will open, rename the image in the box next to "File name:".
Select where you wish to save the image by clicking on the little down arrow in the box next to "Save in:".
(You may wish to create a new "FOLDER" by clicking on the little ICON that looks like a folder with a star on the corner of it.
Don't forget to NAME the "NEW FOLDER" and enter or "open" the newly named folder.)

5) Click on "Save", don't forget where you saved the file.